Golf Winter Vacations at discount

January 19, 2009

I am myself a summer golf person but come winter you are more than likely to feel bored sitting all day at home especially if you live in New York or some other place in the North East.


Winter vacations as the off season for many golf courses and the offers steep discount to the golfers who are willing to brave the chill and enjoy the game. The best part you can play as much as you want because  the golfers are not there and there is no rush to have the place empty before the next batch arrives.


Golf vacation in the US

January 19, 2009

The golf vacations within the US in the winters can be places like Arizona which has a large collection of golf courses as well as there are other golf courses like the Las Vegas.


Las Vegas is a popular destination for golfing because of the fact that golfers all over the word have been enjoying the casinos as well as golf over there.


The next best is the North and South Carolina Golf course and these include the main ones like the Myrtle Beach. Myrtle Beach itself has about hundred...

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Golf vacations outside USA

January 19, 2009

Outside USA there are a lot of places which can be termed as the ones which are say the common golf vacation destinations.


Some of them are the vacation destinations in Spain and the best of these are in England and Ireland. These two countries alone offer very good packages if you want to visit then and enjoy the full winter vacation playing golf.


The best part is that going in winter will make sure that you get good deals in the hotel as well as the golf courses.


Make sure th...

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Enjoy the offseason

January 19, 2009

Winter golf vacations can be enjoyed as much as the summer golf vacations but the main thing to take care of when going for the winter golf vacations is that you should be careful about how the evening weather is going to be


There are a lot of places in America where you can easily play the golf in winter as these places have warmer temperatures and much better than the North East side of the country.


The other option is that you can enjoy the weather of winter in the golf resorts a...

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